Wire Wrap terminology: Channel Setting vs Weave Setting

Had to bust out the solid gold 30ga for this teeny wire channel setting! Taken through a 15x loupe. This is different from what I like to call the weave setting because the stones are resting in a wire “channel”, not on top of an x-weave like in the weave setting. Though you could say that the x-weave functions as a channel to seat the stone in the weave setting, another difference is that in the weave setting the stones are not touching each other, like they often do in both fabricated and wire channel settings. Let me know if this makes any sense!
Wire channel settings allow you to pack even more tiny stones into a small space than a weave setting, because you don’t need to stitch in between the stones to set them, they hold each other from the top and bottom, and you just have to set them on the sides.. This technique is not for the faint of heart! Give it a shot sometime though if you’re feeling sharp-eyed and patient.