Learn to Wrap

I love this community of new-school jewelers that has been emerging over the past decade or so. It’s incredible to see the ways in which these artists have totally changed the game and pushed the limits of traditional jewelry.

I’m also honored that people often come to me seeking advice on how to progress their skills and hone their craft in wire wrapping. I have never had any problems with sharing the things I’ve learned because I only want this movement to progress even further. The more we as a community can help each other learn and grow, the greater our accomplishments will be!

For 2015 I will be focusing on sharing the things I’ve learned to help those who are frustrated, and to motivate me to explore new areas of knowledge in jewelrymaking. I have been asking around the community on social media what peoples biggest frustrations and questions have been, and I am working on addressing some of the most common problems first, including weave tutorials, setting tiny cabochons and facets, framing designs and more.
So here it is, video tutorial number one! There is a fully written tutorial in the video description if you click through to youtube. Be sure to watch in HD if possible 🙂

Also please check out this gallery of progress shots that I will be slowly adding to. Hope they help!



19 thoughts on “Learn to Wrap

  1. This is a fantastic idea -can’t wait. There have been some beautiful things On facebk re channel setting recently

  2. Your work is divine. Thanks so much for this wonderful tutorial. I look forward to seeing more tutorials.

  3. This is AWESOME! I love your work. If you make another one, it might be cool to just go from beginning to end of a single wrap.


  4. Thank you for your willingness to share. So many people want to keep these things to themselves so there is less competition. We all have different styles and techniques. I to learn the more advanced version “heady” weaving. Right now my style is very simple. I look forward to using many of these ideas in my own work. Thank you again.
    Brooke WrappedWiredTwisted Jewelry

  5. I find your work to be mesmerizing!! Your tutorial and photo gallery iabsolutely fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to see what you will share with us in the future!

  6. Thanks for the great information. Really helps us beginner-ish wrappers to move past the basics and learn some of the more advanced techniques. Great work very inspirational!

  7. your work is absolutely beautiful, and it is much appreciated : you taking your time to post this for others to learn. thankyou and i wish you the very best.

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