Stillness Mini Pendants

I have a thing for minis this year. They’re addictively fun to make. I think it’s partially about the instant gratification of going from idea to final piece so quickly. I also just love the concept of trying to put all the same big pendant design elements into a smaller piece that doesn’t skimp on wow factor or style points, but won’t necessarily break the bank.
I was into origami when I was a little kid, and I remember cutting small squares of paper, trying to to make the tiniest versions of all the cranes and planes that I could. I also love the trend in the borosilicate world where artists have been miniaturizing their functionals, while delivering all the same style and flair as the larger pieces of the past.
My ultimate goal is to make my mini pendants look like I took a big high-end banger with all the fixin’s, and put it in a shrinky-dink oven. That’s right fellas, don’t be scared of a little shrinkage!

Besides the inherent appeal to me, busting out a mini is often helpful when I find myself in a creative funk. Breaking things down into smaller satisfying projects is always a good way to get back into your groove. I often have a more carefree, playful attitude when working on a mini or a simple ring, and that playfulness then lends itself to creativity, trying new things, and ultimately improvement!
The minis have been great for keeping my shop stocked with accessibly priced work for everyone, too. Having a few pieces available in my shop all the time lets people know I still exist when working through a long list of big projects, and helps me connect with more of you beautiful people out there through my work.

I feel like I’m still only just finding my style and techniques in this size range and I’m excited to explore it further, so expect more Stillness Minis while the obsession lasts! I also plan to further explore the topic of creative funks or artists block, and the tricks and habits we use to overcome it in future posts, so fellow wrappers and other artists should look forward to that too.



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